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It's October! Which means it is perfectly acceptable for me to be watching Hocus Pocus (although it's all I've watched for the past two weeks).

I have lots of Halloween looks planned and I do hope to be able to show you all of them. 

Just a little update I've had some major things happening over the past year and it has affected me quite a bit. I hit a bump health wise in February and I'm still currently in a flare up. To control it I have been on a very high and prolonged dose of steroids meaning I put on weight and got the dreaded "moon face". It really knocked me for ten and I lost a lot of my confidence.

When I started putting together this years looks in August I ended up feeling disgusted with the result. I was constantly picking at my puffy cheeks, rounder face and double chin. Because I haven't been feeling like myself I felt that what I was doing wasn't good enough.

Nevertheless when I went to edit pictures and put together the posts I found my SD Card was corrupted so I've now got to redo a couple of them.

So please bare with me, I have a schedule planned but it just may not work out that way.

With everything in mind I wanted to start off this month with a throw back to all the looks I've done so far, I've included pictures and links to the original post below.

Thanks for reading!

Hannah Marie x

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