Revlon Ultimate All In One Mascara // The August Review

I have the biggest love hate relationship with this next product. I picked up the Revlon Ultimate All In One Mascara (in black) earlier this year. I was actually going to pick up the lengthening one but they were out of stock and thought I'd try this.

The product description says:

"Introducing the holy grail of mascaras, the Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara features 5 lash transforming benefits leaving no lash behind, allowing you to achieve:
Volume, Length, Definition, Lift and Intense Colour.
The revolutionary small but mighty Revlon Power Mini Brush has a hollow core, designed to maximise the amount of formula to the lashes, as well as a unique mini oval shape for easy application, which reaches and covers every lash to create an intense and unbelievable length lash look."
- Amazing brush, gives even coverage from the base to tip of my lashes.
- I got Volume and Length from this.
- Really good price and usually on an offer.
- The range has different ones for different needs, i.e Lengthening, volume...etc.
- Love the flatter style packaging, it doesn't go rolling away and stands up straight when I pop it down.
- Doesn't dry out too quick.

- Didn't get a lot of definition, but my lashes are not that great as I've mentioned before.
- I really struggled with the "bitty" mascara itself. You can see in the close up of the wand above there are two "fibres" sticking out the bottom.

Every time I apply this mascara I seem to get a different result and that's not always a good thing. But when it goes on right, by which I mean there are no fibres sticking outwards or in my eye and they have length and volume, I'm really happy with it. Sadly I don't think I would repurchase this just because I don't want a hassles each day.

What do you think Of the Revlon Ultimate Mascara range? Do you prefer the All In One or another?

Thanks for reading!

Hannah Marie x

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