ASOS Tall Wishlist // Summer 2016

Two years ago I wrote a post called The Fashion Problems Of A Tall Girl after reading an article on Buzzfeed. Although Tall Clothing is still none existent in most high street stores, a lot of online brands have started to not only cater to tall clothing but for it to be seasonal which is very exciting.
One brand I've come to love is ASOS and although it took some back and forth with sizing as I have yoyo moments with my weight I've found it's not as complex or not as much as a hassle to send stuff to and from and their customer service has been exceptional.

With that I thought I'd share my ASOS Wishlist for Summer!

ASOS Tall Wishlist

The top four pieces I chose as I have a couple of events coming up, i.e brothers graduation, family wedding and meals with friends. I have a couple of dresses in my wardrobe and they are the same 3 dresses I've alternated since I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. So not only would I like something new but I wanted to try items of clothing I wouldn't usually wear. I'd say the riskier ones would be the jumpsuit & playsuit but I think being Tall I've always had the worry they'll be too short or ride up.
The bottom four are more casual, necessity pieces with the added midi skirt. I have midi length dresses but never found a skirt I liked before. With the button detailing I just found it very Audrey Hepburn inspired and I couldn't resist adding it to my Wishlist.

I would love to know what you think! Is there anything from ASOS you've been loving or from any other brand that you've put on your Wishlist?

Thanks for reading!

Hannah Marie x

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