Skin Care Challenge // Clean & Clear

If you've been following my Skin Care Challenge posts you'd know that so far nothing has really worked for me. Recently my skin is at its worst and I know there are other factors contributing like colitis medication but I still haven't found a product that I will keep as part of my routine.
I decided to look back on products I used in my teen years as I was always held up on getting a quick fix and didn't give products long enough to work. I remember using Clean and Clear and I was lazy with it, decided it didn't work after a week so I thought of giving it another go. I went to Boots as they had a 1/3 off the range and I purchased all the items for £10.42.

From left to right;

I'm going to be using these products for 60 days unless they irritate my skin. I know the packaging says clearer skin in 3 days but the way my skin is at the moment I won't be relying on that.
As you can see I have quite a few spots, redness, dry patches and a oily forehead and t-zone. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully I'll have a good review to post in 60 days time ^.^

Have you used Clean & Clear before? How'd it work out for you?

Thank for reading!

Hannah Marie x

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  1. You have a great sense of style, I love this look from head to toe!