Rafiki // The Lion King Musical // Halloween With Hannah

Products & Tools
Snazaroo Face Paint in Yellow, Brown, Red, White, Blue & Black
Rimmel Eyeliner in White
Maybelline Master Drama Chromatics in Gold
Paint Brushes

Step One
With my hair out the way and a clean face I started with a White Eyeliner and making a rough guide of the areas using pictures I googled.

Step Two
I then started with the Yellow Face Paint, before moving onto the Blue & Red and getting the base colours to the pigmentation I wanted. I will say that the Yellow was difficult and you'll need to wait until dry before adding another layer.

Step Three
Using the White Eyeliner and Face Paint I again layered it onto the eyelids. When dry I used a Blue Face Paint to create a line on the top and Black underneath the eyes. I then used a Brown Face Paint on my lips.

Step Four
Then I just needed to add all the finishing touches, such as the White brush marks on each Blue Sides, Four White Spots on the top of the Yellow and lastly Gold on the lips. I did this using Face Paints except the Gold to which I used an eyeliner.

Step Five
 You can either keep your hair tied back or let it loose and you are done!

I love musicals and immediately wanted to include a look from The Lion King, the makeup for the production is amazing!

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Thanks for reading!

Hannah Marie x

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