Jack Skellington // Nightmare Before Christmas // Halloween With Hannah

Products & Tools
Snazaroo Face Paint in White & Black.
Paint Brushes
Hair Tie

Step One
Jack Skellington has no hair, obviously, so rather than the alternative of using a bald cap I just threw it up into a high ponytail. If you do decided to use a bald cap and paint it white I would suggest looking on YouTube for some tips and tricks.

Step Two
Using a brush, sponge and White Face Paint I painted my whole face white with the exception of around the eye area.

Step Three
I then went in with Black Face Paint and painted the eye making sure to make them big, but not so much it doesn't look like his eyes.

Step Four
With a thinner brush paint on a black smile with lines in for the teeth. Then you are done!

Step Five
The only thing I didn't do is add Black Face Paint to the nose for nostrils. Just because in test runs I found it looked really out of place and for me it was either too close or too far from the smile line.

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Thanks for reading!

Hannah Marie x

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