D.I.Y DC Masks // Halloween With Hannah

Similar to my D.I.Y Marvel Masks post, I have made a Green Lantern, Batman and The Flash masks using foam and unlike the last post I am going to do one set of instructions for them and include the pictures of everything I used for each mask.

You will need:
-A Superhero Template (I found mine on Google)
-Coloured Foam (to match the superhero)
-Foam Glue
-White Pencil

Step One
Cut out the paper template including the eye holes. Then place it onto the coloured foam and draw around it using a white pencil. 

Step Two
Cut out two copies of the mask so you have one to add features to and one to add the elastic to.

Step Three
Go ahead and cut out any features, for example on the Green Lantern Mask I made sure the symbols emblem and background was cut out. Stick them onto one of the masks.

Step Four
Measuring the elastic to the desired length with a little extra that will be stapled onto the mask. Go ahead and staple it where you like on the other mask.

Step Five
When the features are dry do ahead and glue both pieces together with a good layer of foam glue and leave to dry.

Another lot to gift to my Godson ^.^

Thanks for reading!

Hannah Marie x

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