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Unless you follow me on Twitter you may not know that I am 100% a Marvel girl. 

On Tuesday 28th October 2014, Kevin Feige announced Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I wanted to write a post about the announcement and discuss the events to come but it occurred to me that the bloggers and fans that were discussing the announcement gave little or no reference to the first two phases. 
That's where I decided to do a Marvel 101 series and for now discuss what has been happening since Phase One and incorporate the TV series that have launched along the way. 
I decided to wait until now to post this because I thought it'd be a lot more beneficial with the new Avengers film being released. Also, its a fantastic opportunity to incorporate some makeup ideas in too and create the #MarvelMay tag ^.^

Starting off slowly, lets talk about the main man; Kevin Feige!
Feige was brought in as an associate producer on the first X-Men film due to his knowledge of the Marvel Universe. Since then he has been involved in all of Marvel Studio's Theatrical Productions and became President of Marvel Studios in 2007.
It's his innovative and awe-inspiring ideas and actions that have shaped the way these Marvel Characters are being portrayed. Feige is a producer on all films in Phase 1, 2 and now 3, but he has made some of the most genius decisions for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. For example; It was Feige who cast Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man and who hired Joss Whedon as Director of The Avengers movie.
In 2005, Marvel Studios began planning to produce it's own films without having to license them through Columbia, Fox or New Line Cinema. Because of these licensing deals Marvel didn't make a lot of profit or have a lot of creative control over the characters. Feige realised that they still had the rights to the core members of The Avengers and secured the funding for the projects ahead. The Marvel Cinematic Universe title was dubbed because of the crossover of all the story lines of the characters.

Bottom line; Kevin Feige is the core of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That's all I am going to explain for today and will be posting about Phase One soon!
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Thanks for reading!

Hannah Marie x

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