Spring / Summer 2015

Since March I've seen a lot of different fashion trends for Spring/Summer and they've lasted about two weeks before something else comes in. Rather than discussing all of them I've decided to create collages of items that emphasis my favourite trends.
Dorothy Perkins Denim
Dorothy Perkins Denim by hannahmbrankley
The denim trend comes back every Spring/Summer but it's Dorothy Perkins that always pulls it off best. I picked a few items that I feel are suitable to most body types. I especially love the darker denim dress as the dropped waistline creates the appearance of a longer torso and is brilliant for those in between buying regular & tall.

70's Starlet - Topshop
70's Starlet - Topshop by hannahmbrankley
I really love 70's patterns! ASOS also have brilliant choice for this trend but I've found that you'll need to try on a lot of the garments because of the cut and Topshop came up best for that. I really like the fringe element to the pieces but not overly crazy on the suede, however I see this being a major trend at the UK festivals this year.

New Look - Holiday
New Look - Holiday by hannahmbrankley
If you are going on holiday this year New Look are the best in terms of a quality to price ratio. A lot of people go to Primark because it's cheap but sometimes they can be a wear a few times / throw away item of clothing. I love the fact that New Look's clothing lasts and can either be kept away till the next summer or you can get away with the shorts and t-shirts on some days in the UK.

Rain mac
Rain Mac by hannahmbrankley 
Because of the festival season you do see a lot of rain mac / shower resistant jackets. The clear one from ASOS is brilliant for every age and body type but I think Debenhams have more to offer in store in terms of stock. I definitely want a Yellow Rain Coat for this spring/summer and it completely screams UK.

River Island - Sport
River Island - Sport by hannahmbrankley
I was never mad on sporty fashion but since I've started going to the gym I can see the appeal to that style a lot more. For me River Island came top as they are affordable, great quality and have more for those who don't want to show off a lot of skin. The jackets are an excellent buy as they can be paired well with jeans too.

I would love to know what trend are you loving this Spring/Summer, so comment below or catch me on Twitter & Instagram.

Hannah Marie x

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