Holidays With Hannah // Decorating For Christmas

This year I am going to be putting up a new post every day up to Christmas Eve. There will be Gift Guides, Decoration Ideas, Make Up Looks & I will be sharing some of my own Christmas Traditions, Wrapping Ideas & Anything Christmassy I've been up to.

To start off this years Holidays With Hannah I will be showing my room decorations & share some other ideas I have seen on YouTube or Pinterest.
The Bedding & Curtains are from Catherine Lansfield and the Throw is from Dunelm.

Last year I saw a front door wreath display shaped like a Snowman on Pinterest and I thought it was that adorable I had to re-create it.

I brought 3 green wreaths of different sizes from Hobbycraft and tied them together with wire. Just a note: I would suggest looping the wire through and pulling like you would tie your laces before twisting whats left together and either cutting off the excess or wrapping it around again.
When I tried to place a Top Hat on my Snowman it wouldn't sit right and I don't have the artistic ability to make a wreath one like in the picture. Instead I dug out a grey scarf I have and wrapped it around.
I really liked how it turned out to that point so I didn't add anything extra to it. 

I have seen some other versions of this idea and you can wrap lights around it standout more. I would suggest battery lights for this because it saves having to place it near a plug and having an exposed wire.

Window Of Baubles
Another idea I saw on Pinterest was Baubles in the Window.

I accumulated a lot of the decorations from B&M's, Poundland, The Range, Tesco and Asda over the years; so I am unsure which came from where. 

Instead of using pins or blu-tack I used Clear Command Decoration Strips. If you need to hang any decorations I 100% recommend these, they look invisible, stick to most surfaces and don't leave any residue or marks behind.

Using silver ribbon, I hung these up at various height and one I was happy they were double knotted and and excess ribbon was cut.

I was extremely happy with how this turned out!

Thanks for reading!

Hannah Marie x

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  1. I absolutely love your Christmas decorations, especially the fairy lights and ornaments in your window. I can't wait until I have my own apartment and can decorate it for Christmas.

    Katie Petty

    1. Thank you! ^.^ There are so many great ideas on Pinterest :)
      && I think ahead to when I have my own place and family to decorate with!
      Christmas=Family <3

      Hannah Marie x

  2. I love the bedding! The throw looks sooo soooft. x