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Hello Lovelys!

So here is a long awaited product review! If you have read my previous blog posts you know i have had some health problems and although i was unable to blog i have been trying out new products.
The majority of them are makeup products so lets dive straight in...

A few weeks ago i was shopping in Asda and i picked up a body wash that was on offer for £1. Now i usually change body washes when i have run out but i have recently re-brought this as i love it so much. It's the Dove Go Fresh body wash in Blue Fig and Orange Blossom. To be honest i was a bit taken back by the scent choice but after smelling i was quite surprised and thought why not? I love Dove as a brand and i think their products are consistently of excellent quality and i was not disappointed with this. Dove body washes say that the formula goes beyond moisturising to effectively nourish the skin and i have found that my skin is a lot softer and has been less prone to be dry and flake-y as it buffs into the skin when exfoliating really well. I definitely recommend these to anyone, i always see them on offer in supermarkets, but the full price isn't extortionate.

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo, a new breakthrough in the science of hair. This new shampoo is suppose to give long lasting thickness wash after wash, leaving the hair to look and feel thicker with visible body and bounce. This "revolution" has a patented ingredient proven to penetrate the fibre and expand hair from within.
I was quite disappointed with this product. I saw no results in the "thickening" of my hair. As a shampoo i found that a small amount lathered and spread well (A bonus since i have long hair) and it rinsed out very easily whilst providing a good deep cleanse. However using the follow up conditioner wasn't the best after the treatment of this shampoo...

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Conditioner, Again this product is suppose to "thicken the hair" but saw no result of this. I found this conditioner very disappointing as it just created more problems. The consistency of it is very thick, feels quite greasy to touch and wasn't easy to spread throughout my hair. More often than not i found myself using an excessive amount compared to previous conditioners. It very much became almost mask like when applied to my hair and felt very heavy. When it came to rinsing the product out it took longer than normal because of this but it felt as if i never got all of it out.
Overall i was disappointed with this new "revolution" and found that in comparison to the Nutri-Gloss Crystal, a product i really rate, almost a step back. After 4 weeks my hair actually felt drier and came to break more easily, this was even after purchasing the "Thickness Booster" to which there was no point to using. I wouldn't buy this product again and i honestly would recommend the Nutri-Gloss Crystal over The Fibrology. 

Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer, to wear alone, under or over makeup. I have previously discussed how much i love the Match Perfection Fix & Perfect primer, so i went back to Rimmel when looking for a more matte primer. With the spring and summer seasons arriving i wanted something to help my skin look less dewy as its been a little more oily recently. A lot of primers i've used do give me a matte finish, but it doesn't always last, with this i find it does. Although, it only works best when i use a Rimmel Foundation. The consistency is non-greasy and smooth with a quick setting time. With the Fix and Perfect primer i had to wait a couple of minutes before applying foundation. Overall this product does the job but i wasn't wowed by it. 

In one of my past posts i had jumped on the hype of Real Techniques Make up brushes and was very impressed. So when i saw this on offer i couldn't resist. This is the Real Techniques Blush Brush.
I have spoke before about how the contour brush (which i previously used for blusher) picked up the product easily with some fallout. With this i can pick up the product well and it spreads across the brush evenly.
These bushes have the same super soft bristles that aren't too sturdy or flimsy and the overall brush has this great "buffing" quality to it. Definitely going to invest into this brand more.

When shopping i have been brave when picking up products as i would like to try more things in the way of bronzer, eyeliners and foundations. This is the L'Oreal Infallible 24H Foundation in the shade Porcelain. I always have to buy the lightest shade possible when it comes to foundations and this was no exception. What attracted me to this product was to do with the brand, when i picked up the Fibrology shampoo and conditioner i thought i'd browse the makeup range too. This says its a "high coverage long-wear foundation that hides the appearance of fatigue and blemishes. Now with Hydrating Hyaluron Comlex the 24H non-stop formula is touch-proof and stays fresh for lasting comfort."
I am very confused with this product, within the first week of using it did everything it says, covered my blemishes, made me look more lively and did this over a long wear with no need for touch-up. Recently the product isn't as lasting. There has been nicer weather in the UK, so if that is the case then it doesn't seem to be able to hold in warm weather. This is something that i will need to test in the upcoming months. Overall i love the shade, blends well into my skin, has a lovely non-greasy consistency that is build-able and is easy to apply with a bush, sponge and fingers.

Now i am really excited with this product. This is the ELF Studio High Definition Powder in Translucent. Elf says this powder "creates a soft focus effect to the skin. That it masks fine lines and imperfections for a radiant complexion". I have had to reorder this and was devastated when i ran out. As i have said im very pale and setting powders are harder for me to find as they can make me look cake-y and/or orange. I was a bit concerned i could look to ghostly but i haven't had that problem. This powder is superfine and picks up well on the brush, its soft, smooth and blends into the skin well. My makeup has lasted longer when i have used this to set and i look like i have no imperfections. I really recommend this!

When i heard about this product i was curious and excited to try it but have ultimately been left disappointed. This is the Intuitive Liner from Bourjois. The main concept of this liner is to line your eyes in a way that enhances your lashes. Bourjois says you "simply have to dot the liner across your lash line and that each black dot will make your lashes look extra long". My usually makeup routine involves tight-lining my upper eye lid and i thought that this being of a easy, one application 24 hour hold that wouldn't create smudging. Wrong. This immediately transferred onto my bottom waterline/lash line and it dried so quick that it became a nightmare to remove. The application idea is brilliant but the formula needs work. Yes, the beauty industry are creating ways for makeup to have a longer wear. Yes, it is something that the majority of women want...but an eyeliner that wouldn't come off with a q-tip dipped in makeup remover, a baby wipe, a makeup wipe or face wash...that's a little extreme. We expect for eyeliner to dry and set in a minute, couple at the most, that way when we make mistakes its easier to rectify them. I experimented further with this eyeliner and found that when i had wings that were uneven i had to just take the whole of that eyes makeup off to start again. A task that wasn't easy. I seriously recommend that Bourjois rethink the formula for this one, have never experienced anything like this from a eyeliner product.

Moving on...this is the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm Stain (in the shade Vivacious). I am such a matte lip person day to day but these i have such a soft spot for. For one i absolutely love this colour, it's very girly, very pigmented and stands out. Secondly i love the application idea, a twist-able crayon that needs no sharpener, makes the makeup bag lighter! Also the formula is so hydrating, i have no need to but lip balm underneath. This product allows you to build the intensity of the colour yet doesn't look as if you've over applied. Revlon have created a real winner here. A lip stain can sometimes leave a patch of colour when smudged on the skin, this doesn't just leaves the stain to the lips. These also come in matte finishes.
Revlon also provide the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. These have a more matte finish and i decided to go with the shade Romantic. I found that this shade in particular wasn't as pigmented with one application as the other shades but is build-able. I really love the fact these fit the lip balm bill of having a slight sheer/shine.
I am in complete awe of these products, the price may seem a bit steep at a first glance but i have had these for a couple of months now and i still have a lot of the product left.
I am definitely investing in some more of these!

Thanks for reading!

Hannah Marie x

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