The Christmas Book

Hello Lovelys!

CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I'm getting really excited as it is my favourite time of the year. Over the next few weeks i will be doing more posts about how i decorate, gift ideas maybe even some tutorials but if there's anything you want to see then leave a comment :)

So one thing that is really important at this time of year is to keep organised. Not only does Christmas bring an increase in working hours or studying time but its just going to be completely hectic. So a few years ago i started to write everything down in a notepad and i call it The Christmas Book. This is how i keep organised and if you want to know anymore then read on...

What You Need:
  • A Notepad
  • Sticker Paper
  • Dividers (or a notebook that comes with them)
  • An Envelope
  • Printable Calender
I took a trip to staples to get some bits & pieces and ended up with this notepad. The reason i chose this one over others was because of the compact size and it came with four dividers that have pockets on the front I use for storing receipts. If you have picked a notebook that doesn't have this then the alternative is to stick an envelope to the back page to keep them all together.
I use the four dividers as catergories, so i have my card list, gift list, activity list and misc.

Starting with the Misc section, i print calenders onto sticker paper to put on the last pages so i can keep track of working hours and any plans. I found these ones online, if your using an A5 notepad then remember to re-size them.

I also use the misc section to write down odd things i see or anything i may need to take with me on a specific day and it wont all fit in the little box.

The other sections are pretty much self explanatory.
  • The Card List section I write a list of those i have to mail & those i do not. Then in those lists what type of card that person needs so a relation or for children in the family i buy character cards and where i have seen them. When i give cards i like to put candy canes in them, so this helps me know how many i need to buy and also how big the cards have to be.  
  • The Gift List section is pretty much the same but i cut and stick in gifts i have seen from catalogs with all the information and it helps me keep track of what others have brought or have. This way i can also list who else is buying for them and what their buying them so there's no dupes. 
  • The Christmas Activity section i split into public and home. So activities where its open to the public or have to travel to and things to do at home. Each activity i remember to write down prices, times and dates. Also under the activity section i try to pick a time to decorate so i know that if i need to buy any more decorations i can get them before hand. I don't like to do half and think "oh will do that when i can", it just ends up really frustrating me, haha.
Lastly i like to decorate it so it looks all nice and Christmas-y :) I printed a design onto sticker paper and is below if you would like to use it.

So that's it! Hope you like this and it becomes handy for you!


Hannah Marie x

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