Fifty Facts About Me

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Hello lovely readers,
I know that when starting off something new there are always the awkward introductions…
So after seeing the “50 facts about me” tag floating around on other blogs and YouTube i thought it would be a nice way to start off this journey! :) So lets begin
1) I was born in England on the 11/05/1992, I am the oldest and have one younger brother.
2) I love even numbers…
3) I absolutely love cats but now, as a family, have a dog.
4) When i was eight years old, i saw Shania Twain perform on Top Of The Pops and since then i have been obsessed with Country Music.
5) I am so lucky to have my best friend Sophie in my life, we have known each other since we were 6 <3
6) I have a small crush on The Jonas Brothers & have been lucky enough to see them three times in Concert.
7) This November i will be achieving a degree in Criminology and Psychology.
8) Growing up i was very shy and body conscience.
9) I spent my nineteenth, twentieth and twenty first birthday celebrating in fancy dress <3
10) I organise everything…
11) One of my favourite things to do is sing and play the guitar.
12) I am obsessed with Disney. I am the biggest kid ever when it comes to anything Disney related.
13) When musicals travel to different theaters in the UK i am so happy as affording to go to the West End is something i cannot do as often as i would like. My favourites include Wicked and Hairspray.
14) At my current job i work with balloons! :)
15) F.R.I.E.N.D.S is my go to when it rains. I just never get bored or re-watching those ten series.
16) I would love to study at a Postgraduate level.
17) I always find it hard when it comes to clothes shopping as i am quite tall so the waistline on some clothing does not sit right. Also most brands do not have a lot to offer in store in terms of Tall clothing only online.
18) My dream is to go to Nashville and stand on the Grand Ole Opry stage <3
19) American TV is so addictive… Bones, Criminal Minds, Body of Proof, True Blood, Vampire Diaries…To name a few.
20) I prefer to take photographs than be in them.
21) I am reluctant to try new foods as i have a very sensitive stomach.
22) I have a phobia or needles & just generally things that pierce the skin. I have no piercings or tattoo’s.
23) I am not the biggest fan of football or rugby but love NFL and MLB. I support the Texas Rangers & Dallas Cowboys.
24) Sarah Millican makes me laugh so much that i have to pause the TV to laugh or rewind so i do not miss anything.
25) When i watch talent shows i am excited as there is the possibility of discovering a new magician or ventriloquist.
26) When i have free time i like to sit and watch old movies, especially ones that star Audrey Hepburn or John Wayne.
27) A genuine smile will make my day.
28) A hobby of mine around Christmas time is to do candle printing and make small wreaths as tree decorations.
29) I used to dye my hair loads as a teenager and wear a lot of clip in colours.
30) I still have a video player and videos.
31) I have slight O.C.D when it comes to eating multi-coloured sweets, i eat them in pairs and in a colour order, which is different between brands.
32) I write with a pen, but i much prefer to write in pencil.
33) Since i was twelve i have always said that i will get married and have children.
34) I love theme park rides except the ones that go upside down or have loops.
35) Vintage fashion has always interested me and i have fallen in love with the brand Modcloth.
36) I have the biggest obsession with Tim McGraw, i was so fortunate to go to the Saturday day of the Country to Country Festival in London this year to which he was headlining. It was the best day. Literally cried as he sang my two favourite songs which are The Cowboy In Me and Just To See You Smile.
37) As previously mentioned i was very shy and conscience as a child/teenager and one of the main reasons for this was that i had bad teeth. My two front teeth use to stick out and i had an overbite at the same time. It took eight years of braces and lower jaw surgery to fix them and i still wear retainers at night now. I have seen that this type of procedure is becoming more common and if you would like a blog about my experience with this then leave a comment :)
38) I am rubbish at applying liquid eyeliner.
39) I have a very big family.
40) I do not smoke.
41) As a teenager i use to cover my walls with posters of Mcfly and The Jonas Brothers.
42) I absolutely love to have blue raspberry slush puppies in the summer.
43) I cannot stand the smell of chilli, i don’t know why i have never liked it and the taste is just too spicy for me.
44) If i am not going out anywhere or i’m staying in the house i will change into PJ bottoms because i find them a lot more comfortable.
45) I am rubbish at texting back.
46) I love books from The Little Black Dress Company.
47) I love pick and mix sweets.
48) I hate creepy crawlies.
49) I don’t like Windows 8.
50) When i was fourteen i had the amazing opportunity to go to China and was able to walk to the highest point of the Wall of China.

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